Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to Celebrate a Beautiful Anniversary

I'm becoming more and more convinced that I should change my career to a professional special event card chooser(still thinking of a more appealing job title). When looking for a card, I spend more than a "normal" amount of time doing it. I just think to myself, what set of words really hits the heart. Everything you felt but couldn't think of the words to describe it and somehow, somewhere, someone did. <3
I LOVE CARDS!!! I know some people don't appreciate them...but I DO.

I chose this card for a couple who is celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

Recall the years
you've spent together, making a home, building a life. Each year is a unique blend of ups and downs, fresh starts, and happy endings. Replay the memories. Retell the stories.

Reaffirm the friendship
at the heart of your romance. To be loved for who you are is a rare gift. Hold hands. Laugh a lot. No matter how busy life is, make time for togetherness.

Reflect upon the lessons time has taught you. The importance of patience, the art of compromise. The healing power of forgiveness. Marriage takes effort and giving with your whole hearts. Be proud of what you have together.

Renew your commitment,
knowing that a good marriage is a lifetime of "I do's." Savor the privelege of being companions on life's journey. Daydream about all that's still to come.

In this great big world, you each found just the right person to love, just the right person to love you. And you get to spend the rest of your lifed with that one special someone. On your anniversary and every day of your marriage.

Remember how lucky you are
...and be happy.

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